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An Introduction To Using Essential Oils - online course

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An Introduction To Using Essential Oils


An online course by Melissa Mitchell Health & Wealth


 Everything you need to know when starting out with Essential Oils!


Develop a basic understanding of the safe use of Essential Oils, define aromatherapy and its history, understand how aromatherapy works in the body and identify a range of the most used Essential Oils and their uses. 


This course in online, work at your own pace. Lifetime access.

Getting started with Essential Oils can be overwhelming, but it can also be so empowering!

I wanted to put together a list of my top Essential Oils to use if you are new to the oil scene or wanting to expand your use and knowledge. And therefore, this course was created!

Here I list the oils I use most frequently and are super versatile. Each one has something specific that I use them for, but they are all so versatile and have many more uses.

This course will help you to get started with Essential oils, how to dilute them and when to dilute them, diffuser blends, how Essential Oils work, how they are extracted, diffuser blend recipes, using Essential Oils for kids, cooking with Essential Oils and much more!

I hope this course brings you value and empowers you to use these amazing oils in your daily life.


Some of the modules include -

• How Oils are extracted and produced
• Precautions when using
• When and how to dilute
• What carrier oils are and how to use them
• A history of Aromatherapy
• Diffuser blend recipes for all occasions
• Kids and Essential Oils
• How Oils work in the body and brain
• What ways can essential oils be used
• Individual Oils and their uses and benefits...

...and much more!



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