Essential Oils for Emotional Wellness

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Essential Oils for Emotional Wellness


Taking care of your emotional health is as important as taking care of your physical body. If your emotional health is out of balance, it can have an impact on your physical health.


Our emotional health can directly influence how the rest of our body feels and functions. When we are in emotional distress, it lowers our overall quality of life and how we feel day-to-day. Emotional health affects how we make decisions, how we interact with others, and how we respond to events that happen in life.



Things like stress, anxious feelings, changes in the weather, job or family changes can negatively influence our mood. Many times we don't even realise the impact whilst it is occurring. 

Among other resources, we can use Essential Oils for emotional wellness by creating a sense of calmness and well being, or producing an uplifting environment. Every Essential Oil has its own unique chemical profile, but most oils can be categorised as having either uplifting or calming properties (by no means should this take the place of professional medical advice in the first instance).


Inhaling essential oils is the fasted route into the body for Essential Oils. When you breathe in Essential Oil vapours and odours the molecules are absorbed by the hairs inside your nostrils that have receptors, these then send a signal to your into the olfactory bulb in your limbic system. The amount that gets absorbed depends on the Essential Oils ‘bioavailability’, anywhere from 30% - 70% is actually absorbed into the body.



11 best essential oils for emotional health


  • Wild OrangeThe energising, revitalising aroma of Wild Orange Essential Oil can provide energy on a stress-filled day. Wild Orange has a refreshing scent that helps to inspire feelings of energy, spontaneity, joy, and abundance. The next time you need to cheer yourself up, allow the bright aroma of Wild Orange to act as a pick-me-up during your day. 


  • Citrus BlissThis blend brings together seven citrus oils to help promote a positive attitude and create a blissful environment. By combining the uplifting fragrances of Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, and Clementine, Citrus Bliss helps to uplift mood and promote a cheerful attitude. 


  • CheerCheer Uplifting Blend helps to promote feelings of optimism. When you are experiencing negative emotions that make you feel down, blue, or low, the fresh aroma of Cheer will help to promote feelings of cheerfulness and happiness.


  • ElevationAs the name suggests, Elevation is an invigorating essential oil blend that is designed to elevate mood. With a unique blend of essential oils like Tangerine,  Ylang Ylang, Lavender and more, Elevation helps to promote feelings of confidence and self-worth, while lessening feelings of stress. 


  • MotivateA perfect blend of citrus and mint oils like Peppermint, Clementine, Basil, Melissa, and more, Motivate Encouraging Blend promotes feelings of confidence, courage, and belief. This is a powerful oil for counteracting negative emotions of doubt, pessimism, and cynicism—helping you to remain motivated and excited about life. 


  • Copaiba - Similar to Black Pepper, can help soothe anxious feelings and calms the mind. Can be used aromatically, topically or internally to support emotional health.


  • Melissa With a fresh, citrus-like aroma, Melissa oil is useful for calming tension and nerves, promoting feelings of relaxation, and uplifting mood. The next time you want to refresh your thoughts or calm feelings of nervousness, reach for a bottle of Melissa.


  • LavenderRenowned for its calming and relaxing properties, many people use Lavender oil for emotional health because it promotes soothing feelings of calm and self-awareness, while easing feelings of tension. Some studies suggest that the chemical properties of Lavender may make it useful for reducing sad feelings. 


  • Cardamom - Cardamom is commonly used for its warming and comforting feeling. Its distinct scent can be uplifting and nurture to your emotions. Also used for feelings of agitation.


  • Balance - This grounding blend provides whole body relaxation, while promoting feelings of balance and tranquility. Balance is a go-to oil for those who want to lessen stress, ease anxious feelings, and create a calm environment.


  • PastTense - When it comes to calming emotions, the mint and herbal tones of PastTense Tension Blend work to provide grounding and balanced emotions. Past Tense helps to reduce stress and anxious feelings, as it uses essential oils that are known for their soothing effects on both the mind and body. 



    Applying essential oils for emotional benefits


    When you’re ready to use Essential Oils for emotional health, there are a few ways to effectively experience the potency and power they have to offer. When you find the oil you want to use, try any of these application methods:


    • Massage onto the base of the skull
    • Rub on the inside of the elbow
    • Use an essential oil diffuser 
    • Apply a drop to the palms and inhale
    • Rub into the wrists and carry the aroma with you all day  


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    Whatever is the relationship between Essential Oils and emotions?

    Find what works for you

    Remember, essential oils work differently for everyone. Because each oil has such a complex chemical makeup, and because aromas interact with the part of our brain that stores our personal memories and experiences, no two people will experience one essential oil in the same exact way. It is important to remember that an oil that is comforting or uplifting for someone else might not have the same effect on you. 


    Discover your favourite oils.

    Try smelling a few oils with your eyes closed to see which ones you really like. By taking in the aroma of the oil, it is easier to discover what really helps you.  


    Use Essential Oils in your personal routine

    To utilise the calming, uplifting, grounding, energising, or comforting effects of Essential Oils for emotional health, try incorporating your favourite oils into your everyday activities. Essential oils can be used during yoga, as part of your skincare routine, diffused in the car, and nearly any other part of your day you can think of. 


    Be consistent

    Rather than using essential oils sporadically when you want to alter your mood, try using small amounts on a more regular basis. Some people complain that they don’t experience the benefits of Essential Oils for emotional health, but a one-time application isn’t always a guarantee of a mood change. 


    Practice other healthy habits

    As mentioned, essential oils are just one resource for promoting good emotional health. By adopting other healthy habits in conjunction with Essential Oil use, you can help to promote better emotional health overall. Things like quality sleep, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and getting time outside in the sun are an important part of feeling emotionally healthy.


    Seek help

    When your quest for an emotionally-balanced life becomes overwhelming, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Reaching out to friends and family and seeking medical professional help can provide you with extra help on your journey to good emotional health. 


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